Xbox media library not updating

31-Aug-2020 20:11

The first album was found correctly and is found in the library. I can browse to the missing album and play it but it isn't in the library with the rest of the artists music. The album did come in at first but was missing 3 songs.

xbox media library not updating-74


xbox media library not updating-30

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Thanks, yes your log doesn't show anything interesting. Well keep an eye on things, but hopefully it is resolved.

Hello, I am experiencing the issue of no updates happening between Kodi and Emby.

The server works fine and I can see the updates in the web and WMC clients, but not Kodi. I don't want to have to do a full sync each time in order to see what's new. So far, one account is updating properly (this is new after rebooting Kodi), but trying to do a full sync each time.

If you've already connected your console to your network, you can go to "Step 2: Set up Windows Media Player," below.

If not, connect your console to your home network using a wired or wireless connection.Then, test to make sure that your Xbox console connects successfully.

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