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But things spiral far beyond Lozano's expertise, so he calls the Vatican for help.

And when Bruun arrives in America to meet Angela in person, he's unnerved to discover that this might not be a demon: she could be the Antichrist.

They know only one thing - he could possess any living human being, seemingly randomly.

When a young woman is found to be showing the symptoms of possession, two priests are sent from the Vatican, one being Father Lozano (Michael Peña), to find an exorcise the woman before the Devil can take a true hold of her, and begin his attack upon the mortal world.

But this dream is cut short in a twisted act of violence that leaves Bryan as the prime suspect.

With Inspector Franck (Forest Whitaker) on his tail, Bryan traverses the city trying to unknot the mystery and find out who the real villain is, so he can clear his name and protect his family.

Not only is it packed with demonic mayhem, but the complex characters make the drama much punchier, setting up the audience for several big jolts.

Even so, the plot builds slowly, finally reaching its most intriguing twist right at the very end, so the credits start rolling just as things get properly riveting.

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The title, briefly flickers at the bottom of the dark screen and our blood runs cold for a few seconds.

This means that the film quietly unnerves the audience from the start, using CCTV footage and some enjoyably scary touches that add to the atmosphere.

This also models for our kids that time together in the Word is a private and important part of marriage (and they know not to come in if the door is shut).4) Be Creative in Your Execution.… continue reading »

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The music mogul and the grieving wife were not were not together when the feature came out but clearly the seeds were planted.… continue reading »

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Conquering a Cougar is at the top of the list for most guys that are younger than 35.… continue reading »

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