Validating package spec

04-Oct-2019 20:03

An application or library that consumes Tabular Data Packages therefore must be able to understand not only the full Data Package specification, but also Table Schema and CSV-DDF.I'm writing a gem to detect tracking numbers (called tracking_number, natch).The following core principles inform our approach: Over time the single Data Package spec has evolved into a suite of specs -- partly through componentization whereby the original spec is in several components and partly through extension.The main specifications are: A Data Package can "contain" any type of file.The following code snippet shows a package specification having a single procedure.You can have many global variables defined and multiple procedures or functions inside a package.We will discuss the concept of nested table in the next chapter.Question: How do I recompile a set of PL/SQL packages?

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At the same time, for specific common data types such as tabular data it has support for providing important additional descriptive metadata -- for example, describing the columns and data types in a CSV.Answer: The DBA will have to recompile a PL/SQL packages whenever there are changes to tables, views, sequences, and so on that the package procedures and functions reference.This is accomplished through the use of the CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE [BODY] form of the CREATE PACKAGE command.Perhaps with a future release we will be able to use the package definition as a link list, and this won't be required.

There is also an ALTER PACKAGE BODY command that is used only to recompile the package body. The DEBUG clause has been added to compile and store debugging information for the specified area of the package for the PL/SQL debugger.The format for the command is identical to that of the CREATE PACKAGE [BODY] command.

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