Updating one to one doctrine2

24-Jul-2020 08:31

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The Symfony dependencies are not required by Doctrine but will be used in this tutorial.Add the following directories: Doctrine’s public interface is the Entity Manager, it provides the access point to the complete lifecycle management of your entities and transforms entities from and back to persistence.The benefit of Doctrine for the programmer is the ability to focus on the object-oriented business logic and worry about persistence only as a secondary problem.This doesn’t mean persistence is downplayed by Doctrine 2, however it is our belief that there are considerable benefits for object-oriented programming if persistence and entities are kept separated.To initiate a transaction to actually perform the insertion, You have to explicitly call flush() on the Entity Manager.This distinction between persist and flush is allows to aggregate all writes (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) into one single transaction, which is executed when flush is called.You should be aware that during the development process you’ll periodically need to update your database schema to be in sync with your Entities metadata.

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References in the text will be made to the XML mapping.

You have to configure and create it to use your entities with Doctrine 2.

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