Updating ku990 firmware

07-Aug-2020 19:12

If no such firmware exists, then you will be only able to use the GSM network services the handset can connect to: As such, both operators offer GSM 1900MHz for Voice and basic data (like SMS), I'm not sure if they offer EDGE or GPRS (I assume they should offer GPRS for Data services like MMS and Mobile Internet, which is rather slow like Dial Up speed, whereas EDGE is similar to ADSL 256kbps speeds so much faster but still well behind UMTS let alone HSDPA speeds). Now I am concerned about what version of LGMPD I should use to upgrade my phone to KC910-DZ-V10g-MAY-10-2009-OPN-AU.

So getting down to the firmware side, you would have 3 options: 1: Update the current firmware using the LG Mobile Support tool (which is the official method). The guide at mygreatphone to use the version (the zip file contains 4 versions) of LGMPD for your phone.

It comes up with this 'Emergency Mode' mode box and I can't really do anything? you need the Euro version Leave the battery in as for the Vodafone NZ flex file ....

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With my Renoir, all I did was change to Generic AU firmware and included the KC910i camera/video camera interface and used the custom firmwares colour icons on black screen theme. Also "Slide to Unlock" v14a is better, however just be warned, its based on OPEN EU flex files, that OPEN (name) Folder does not contain any Australian Flex Files so you need to manually input the profiles into the handset. If your not sure, the next best thing to do is install a customer firmware (download one from mygreatphone), once done install the official LG Mobile Support tool and let it find the correct firmware for your handset to use.

Before we go any further with helping you, I need need to know what network you connect to: In Mexico there are the following operators that offer UMTS/HSDPA (3G 850): Mobile Country Code / Mobile Network Code334-02 Provider Telcel América Móvil Network Band Voice Service: WCDMAData Service: UMTS / HSDPA3G 850Mhz Mobile Country Code / Mobile Network Code334-02 Providermovistar Pegaso Comunicaciones Sistemas Network Band Voice Service: WCDMAData Service: UMTS / HSDPA3G 850Mhz As you can see both do not provide 3G 2100MHz network band (which your Renoir does) Your Renoir version won't do 3G in your country: HOWEVER if you could find the AMSS Code that has 3G 850 band support it might be possiable to get 3G 850MHz services since the Renoir (all versions) does have the needed 3G 850MHz chip in them. I went to back up my NV data (Virgin supplied open phone) with the LGMDP_OPEN version and it crashed in Windows.

As I said above, it comes down to the AMSS code (which is a binary file) used. Your best bet would be to ask someone over at the My LGRenoir forums to see if such firmware exists that will enable 3G 850MHz network band. I then tried to back up my NV data with LGMDP_EURO, and sucessfully backed up.

The version info is KC910AT-00-V10g-505-XX-MAY-10-2009Thanks mate Ok try this again: 3845#*910# press 1 for SW Version press 1 again It should say something like: KC910-MSM6281-V10g-MAY-10-AU (R409615C) press 2 it should say: KC910-MEDIA-V10g-MAY-10-2009-OPN-AU If it say VIR then its got a Virgin Media File Press 3 it should say: KC910-MODULE-V10g-MAY-10-2009-OPN-AU If its say VIR then the module file is also Virgin based If both the Media and Module files say OPN then its OPEN GENERIC based firmware Now the reason why your seeing Virgin Profiles for the APN, Browser and MMS is simply this: the handset reads your SIM cards MCC/MNC (Mobile Country Code and Mobile Network Code) which for Virgin is 505-02 (same as Optus) However LG made a flex file that contains both Optus and Virgin profiles in the same Flex file (for whatever reason) well then your handset is OPEN Generic firmeware: If its unlocked, insert a SIM card from another provider, once it started go to connectivity and you will see that the profiles are now set to the network that your SIM card supports.

As for the Bookmarks, while you can delete them they are always stored in the FLEX files.

Start LG Mobile download program, click on Select port, accept the port then click on DZ you will now see a new pop up box, select browse and it will find the correct DZ file you downloaded earlier, clickj on start and wait for about 25 minutes for the firmware to be installed.

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