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20-Jan-2020 22:39

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Just two days prior to this post, the couple had stepped together on the red carpet at the GQ’s Men of the Year party in Los Angeles which was co-sponsored by Moët & Chandon.After this, they have been flirting on social media.She was reluctant, and she kept asking him about his secret relationship.Finally, one day, he told her everything she wished to know.Victoria also stated on her Twitter that she gave Trace, her boyfriend, a sponge bath.When Rhonda asked him about Victoria, it was said that he constantly talked about her and his feelings for her.Antoni had first announced about their relationship in December 2018 with a sweet picture of the two.The couple was wearing matching gray suits and were holding each other’s hands.

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Antoni was happy on hearing it and kept smiling as Andy spoke.

For me personally, I’ve never really had a label for myself.