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The park broke ground on June 15, 1970, and officially opened to the public on April 29, 1972.

It was named for the Kings Powder Company, which created the town of Kings Mill for its employees.

Kings Island is located in Mason, Ohio, about 24 miles NE of Cincinnati.

Up until 1997, the park was a part of the Deerfield Township, which was annexed in that year into Mason.

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There is also supposedly a photo taken by a ride cam that shows the ghost, but no one can produce a copy, or has personally seen it. The Racer is a coaster that has two of its four trains originally coming from the Coney Island park's Shooting Star.Subsequently, the ride was shut down, and modifications were made so that it would be impossible to slide over into the other seat and out of one's harness. A thirty-four year old woman suffered a heart attack while riding the Top Gun ride in 2003. The cemetery is located between the campground and the parking area, and has graves dating back to the 1840s.