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02-Jul-2020 05:28

Sarong is a simple piece of cotton, usually nicely colored, sewn into a tube which you hop in and then tie around your waist in a special way to stay there firm.

If you do it wrong, don’t worry – locals will gladly help you to correct it.

What an occasion to some body contact while taking such a lesson!

I know one guy who after six months of staying in Sri Lanka still pretends not to know how to properly tie the sarong, because he loves to ask about it every guy he dreams to get laid with!

Of course, the less belly you have (and they do not have it at all, wow! Under sarong you may have boxers or shorts, or nothing, which many of us like the most.

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I experienced it recently with intensity probably available only to the one who is about to leave the Paradise Island, at least for a while.His cap went around, and he followed it into the dark.