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21-Sep-2019 00:16

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Not one method of discipline works for every child.

You must know your child, know yourself and your limitations.

I felt that if they knew not to touch in my house, they would treat other houses with respect as well.

Rebecca Olivera: Spanking was one of the methods of discipline used in our home. Stacy Blom: When all else failed and they just kept pushing me to the limit, it usually resulted in a good butt spanking and then they were sent to their rooms.

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Do you feel that spanking is an appropriate/successful way of disciplining your children? I don't think I would do it any other way because I am very proud of the way my children have turned out and if that meant a spanking here and there, then I'm okay with it!

I've always stood by my personal principles and convictions and don't believe that the discipline I used in my home was abuse.