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09-May-2020 07:56

They are always independent and self-reliant and I can bet on the fact that they will never be the clingy girlfriend you feared of being tied to.

There can never be a boring moment with them around for they love to talk and can spin tales effortlessly.

English is used primarily in business, and for economic and political purposes.

Language is regional and dialects play a role in the variety of languages spoken throughout India, with some sources suggesting that there are possibly 1,652 different languages or dialects.

They speak out what they think, in that order they believe in doing what they think which is what makes them the best.

They are frank and truthful so you find it easy to trust them.

Friends from South-India, make us look at the southern region of our country from a different perspective.

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Why settle for any less than the best amongst the best?

They have high moral and family values so you can be at ease knowing that they will bond with your parents amicably.

South Indians in general stick to commitments and stay to prove what they promise, so you are rest assured that they won’t cheat on you.

Her eyes might speak the language of the heavens, and you can know what her exact feelings are with few or no words at all.

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When women all around the world whine and cry over their big hips or sizes, South Indian women might actually take great pride in them for they might have curves only at the right places.

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