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menee aupres de 1 649 femmes souffrant d'osteoporose post-menopausique avec fracture vertebrale prevalente, a montre que le ranelate de strontium diminuait l'incidence des fractures vertebrales et apportait des effets benefiques sur la qualite de vie.

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References to Sothis occur in the earliest Egyptian funeral texts, dating back to 2345 BC.

What relationship does Sirius, a star, have with Venus, a planet?

The Alexandrian Greeks never seriously learned hieroglyphics. Velikovsky states that Pliny identifies "the star of Sothis" as Venus.

The identification of the star Sirius as "the star of Isis" is an equation found already in the Persian Zend-Avesta of the seventh century BC.

In AD 1904 Eduard Meyer of the Berlin School of Egyptology devised a theory of Egyptian chronology based on the 360-plus-5-day Egyptian calendar and the star Sirius.

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In addition, an observational lunar calendar was kept, alternating 29 and 30 days (averaging 29.5 days, the synodic period of the Moon), which was intercalated periodically, since it ran 11 days short of the solar year.Other researchers have claimed that a "great year" is simply a lunar calendar year of 13 months -- the observational lunar calendar with one additional intercalated month.But for Meyer the mention of a "great year" suggested the completion of a 1460-year period.In fact, an ephemeris will show that on January 23 of AD 27, Julian, a "Great Year" is signaled by having all the planets appear in the sky at the same time.

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This happens frequently, but it was not the "great year" Meyer had in mind.

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