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When divers first visit UK seas they are often amazed at the diversity and abundance of life (although, in winter, they are sometimes also dismayed by the cold water).There are an estimated 8500 marine species of plant and animal.Many photos of the underwater life of St Kilda are in our British Isles photo gallery.

On Midsummer Day in 1919, German Admiral Ludwig von Reuter ordered the German High Seas Fleet to be scuttled.Many of the ships were recovered for salvage; but those remaining submerged have helped make Scapa Flow into one of the most popular dive sites in Europe.As well as the WWI wrecks, there are many "blocking" ships.The best vis is between December and March, but days are short and the water cold around 7 °C.

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The diving season runs from April to October, with You can dive all year round though. She is upside down with numerous entry points and has been voted the best dive in Europe.One of the block ships, but only dived on slack as the tide when rushes and you would not want to be inside it when its running. Covered in life, gin clear water -like a cathedral a beautiful place.