Scientific dating of ramayana era

21-Oct-2020 11:33

Please give your detailed comments or criticism for further research. 19 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War THE PERIOD OF THE MAHABHARATA Let us now consider in what Period the Mahabharata happened : Late Mr. He has proved all other dates from 700 BC to 2526 BC as false, so I need not consider here the dates in that range. The Mahabharata has not mentioned the beginning of Kaliyuga at all. From this data of 6042 years for 1 53 generations, we get the average of 39.5 years per king. Pliny gives 154 generations and 6451 years between Bacchus and Alexander. 'After the end of Panqiava Dynasty, Magadha Dynasty will start.’ Ignoring these facts many scholars have super-imposed Magadha rulers on Pandava rulers though they have taken Magadhas, Pradyotas, Sisunagas and Nandas one after another . Further it is stated in the Bhagawata that after 28 Kaurava Kings, Magadha Dynasty would rule and 22 Magadha Kings would govern for 1 000 years. Bhima notices completion of 13 months’ 10 (Vana 35). The fact that they sat on the open ground on green grass, shows that rainy season was over and ground was dried up without living any mud. Every translater tells that 12 years were completed here; but I disagree with them. Here Krsna says “Yadavas will conquer Hastinapura immediately and then you come and occupy it whenever you want”. We are confident that nobody else in this world has done such a great research work on the Mahabharata as Dr. 1 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War His printed paper is in your hands, now. The Mahabharata, the Ramayana and other literatures give such data and so we can fix their dates. Vaidya has done a lot of work on this matter and has fixed the date of the Mahabharata war as 3101 BC. Vaidya arbitrarily took 3101 BC as the date of the Mahabharata, relying on the assumption that after the death of Lord Krsna Kaliyuga started and he relied on the years from beginning of Kaliyuga as are noted in Almanacs. Adding Chandragupta's date 320 BC to 5014 we get 5334 BC as the date of Lord Krsna. Megasthenis, according to Arrian, has written that between Sandracotus to Dianisaum 1 53 generations and 6042 years passed. So they sat on the green grass to dis- cuss (Vana 52/3). Amavasya recedes back byl O days per year, so in these four years it had receded by 40 days, the date being 20th June 5564 BC. Further he states that Kartiki Pournima of Sarad was over 123 and in the Krsna Paksa they entered Kamyaka Vana. The scholars assume that 1 2 years ended here (Vana 1 83) (Bhandarkar 1 80-38) 124 , but it is not so, because it is already stated that the 12th year had started. Vana 180 (BORI) reports the meeting of Krsna with Pandavas. trm Rc T 3mwm q4 3 ^) j i«n Pi w Pi Rici, i RCTofrsffir Pi MIc H *JRT RRTc^ TRFRRTf R: II «l 9) Rer Rifgt ^ RRR& ft RS'i J I f^RTWTR^ R? A SINCERE REQUEST The Mahabharata war is the most important incident in the history of india, because it affected and changed the whole history of India. It will also be useful to determine the changes in the seaso Vis mentioned and comparing them to the period obtained by applying the principle of the two systems of calendar - Solar and the Luni-Solar and calculating the difference due to the precession of the earth’s axis. Vartak are more correct than the various other dates proppunded 5 The Scientific Dating of The Mahabharata War by other workers in the field who have been carried away by the statements made by Western scholars. Out of 700 we received about 80 responses by letters, all upholding Dr. These two were superimposed during last two thousand years and therefore people started thinking that Chaitra means Madhu.

He has solved many riddles from the Mahabharata giving logical interpretations. Mahalingam (Madras) for his kind donation for publication of the first edition of this book. Thus even if these dates change due to some reason or other, they will be again adjusted to these cardinal points. Because there were no murders of the kings, the Hindu Kings ruled for prolonged time so the average is 36 years per King. After this Vana Parva 37 quotes that Pandavas entered Kamyaka Vana. The date of beginning of banishment into forest was 4th Sept. Hence when Arjuna came back there was 30th July 5568 BC. When the 1 2th year started, they came near Marudhanva on the bank of river Saraswati in Dwaitavana. As our mathematics tallies with the seasons we are correct. The description is of the real rainy season which comes after summer. nfr ^nft h Rtwi Ri iis3ii ^o) g^9Tif *rra ^ Tran *rr Rnft i ? fercr TRf ep’l'Cci i: I 3TH«jt dl-i|JJgu|n S J|1$ iig^TT: siftgii ss u S 3 ? He has taken into account various opinions of other scholars. Thus Astronomy was developed and was used in the science of time measurement in the Ancient India. Total 327 years Thus the average is 36 years per King (327 divided by 9 = 36.3) I have taken here only the Indian rulers because the tradition of India is to take care of the young King and his Kingdom without doing self- coronation by killing the young king. This span of 25 days must have been the deficit be- tween the lunar and solar counting. After this Arjuna returned, spending five years with Indra. fw Lens S-33-M 3Wt KJT £frrfter s Tgjor 1-1-3-$, (9 c TMfcr srr§w 3-i-v &5TT.