Sandara park dating ban

16-Jul-2020 03:35

Wanting to be together as they grow older, even though we can’t be holding hands right now, even though we can’t be looking each other in the eyes right now, I can feel it in my heart.” She added, “The [only] thing that I can do is that I can pray.

Just because I said I am not there with you doesn’t mean that I can’t be there with you.

Sandara Park guest-featured on the second half of the ‘YG Family’ episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘ that aired on April 3rd, along with her fellow 2NE1 members and respective label mates Se7en, Big Bang, Psy, Tablo, Gummy, and more.

Fellow 2NE1 member Park Bom explained that 2NE1 received their own rehearsal studio after moving to a different location, but the studio was quickly taken from them as the number of YG trainees began to increase in number.

Since Sandara and Bom are already in their late 20s, they asked the president to make it 3 years instead of 5 years.

2NE1 had a spoken contract with YGE President, Yang Hyun Seok, that they can't have a boyfriend in 5 years.

Sandara Park then expressed her own disappointment in her company, explaining that 2NE1′s 3-year dating ban that was scheduled to be lifted this May will not be lifted after all. Seeing how disappointed she was, MC Lee Seung Gi then asked Sandara if there were any guys she had her eye on these days. Lee Seung Gi then remarked that it was highly suspicious for Sandara to continue requesting the dating ban be lifted, and that he thought she may actually have someone she wants to date, evoking laughter from everyone on set.

2NE1 is a South Korean girl group, currently consisting of 3 members, Lee Chae-rin, Park Bom and Park Sandara. Gong Minji, the fourth and the youngest member, left the group in April, 2016. Chaerin was said to be the ‘Baddest lady in Seoul city’.

2NE1 member Sandara Park expressed her disappointment as she revealed YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk ultimately decided not to lift the girls’ dating ban.

Dispatch also complemented their report with evidence confirming the love story between Kai and Jennie.

After their news became a hot topic of conversation on the Internet, with the topic of trending the world on Twitter, the agencies of the two of them did not immediately provide confirmation. While YG claimed to know nothing about Jennie’s love relationship.

However, it turns out it was not a gf/bf relationship. Park Sandara once revealed about his ideal man by saying that “I like a dependable person who can fit me in his arms, and someone who I have a common interest with”. She was the vocalist, dancer and maknae for the group. Once she said in an interview “I want to hold hands and walk the streets of Myungdong” (with her boyfriend of course).

She also added “I think this is what real love is like.Once she cried when somebody called her ugly which proves that she is quite sensitive. Park Sandara, member of 2NE1 is known for her talent in singing, dancing and acting. Thunder (ex-member of MBLAQ) is actually her younger brother.

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