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Tessa also flexed her muscles as a songwriter as she penned down an entire album, titled ‘Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled.

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The music video, the song was quite catchy enough for me, but then again, so does every other auto-tuned techno music anyway. There is no more of this music video, the owner have removed it herself, so you might enjoy this while it last.

She is now releasing the entire album one song at a time over the course a year and a half, estimating the final song to be released in Violet hopes this method of release will allow her to have a larger budget to produce music videos for each song.

Despite the variety in production, the songs are tied together through melody and guitar. The EP contains five songs, including the single, Dream, which had a music video released for it on September 16, During her aforementioned tour, Violet debuted some of the songs from her record she was working on inwhich she revealed to be called "Bad Ideas".

Tessa Violet Williams (born March 20, ), better known as Tessa Violet and previously Besides her own vlogs, Violet also appeared in Ray William Johnson's side project Breaking Los . This kind of intelligent routing function meekaakitty beyond the capabilities of legacy messaging infrastructure.

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The project were gaining momentum, and then the shitstorm hit RWJ causing him to opt for different kind of project.