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If you are a foreign citizen, or a dual citizen of Romania and another country, and want to find out how to get married in Romania to a Romanian partner, then there are a number of things you must learn in order to make your marriage possible and legally valid.

Like most things in Romania, there is a fair amount of bureaucracy and red tape you must go through in order to be able to have a successful and legally binding marriage.

After you’ve obtained a marriage certificate from the city hall in the area in Romania where you plan on marrying, then, and only then, can you perform any religious ceremony for your wedding.

Romanian law is very strict on this notion and will lawfully punish any priest or church leader who performs a marriage without first having a legal marriage certificate in their possession.

In the case that you wish to marry in a different region of the country where neither you nor your Romanian spouse-to-be has residency, a transfer of residency to your desired location would first need to be fulfilled.

Here is a complete list of all the local administrative units of Romania, you can use this list or by doing a google search of the area you plan on marrying and the word “Primăria” to find the ones in that area. After you’ve established the city hall you will use for your marriage, you can continue reading the next steps on how to get married in Romania.

The blood test can be done at any clinic which does “analize medicale” medical analysis.

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It’s best practice to have at least 2 or 3 photocopies of each document, as well as to have the originals in your possession when possible.Being well prepared and knowing what to expect ahead of time will ensure you that you can spend more time planning your wedding than dealing with government bureaucracy.Romania’s marriage law is based on the civil law system according to Romania’s constitution.Make sure the interpreter will be free on both dates if you chose to use the same interpreter for each event.

When researching how to get married in Romania you might be surprised to discover that Romania requires both future spouses to first have a blood test done, and second, to have it certified by a qualified medic.The project began in 2013 when she stumbled upon a video of a Roma woman who was operating a thriving business as a witch.