Quran dating rules

23-Dec-2019 12:41

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According to the study, households in rural Bangladesh possess 65.1 decimals of land on average, of which only 10.3 decimals is owned by women.

That means, in rural areas, only around 15.8 percent of land at the household level are owned by women.

Rather, here, we will explore whether Bangladeshi Muslim women even enjoy the inheritance rights as accorded by their religion and by the country's Family Laws Ordinance 1961.

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She is now living at a slum in Rayerbazar and working as a maid-servant.However, despite their solvency, when it came to sharing property, they refused to make any compromise.Through a village arbitration, they forced their mother to accept that the household property of around seven kathas would be equally divided among the three brothers.After his death, Rabeya requested her brothers to hand over her share of inheritance for the sake of her children's sustenance.

“My brothers refused and told me that my share was already paid during my marriage as dowry.And, if he has progeny, the wife will get one-eighth of the property.