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03-Nov-2019 22:54

Brittany went to prom in a strapless dress designed for large-chested women, but she wasn't allowed in until she covered up her cleavage with a shawl.

Her parents say she was singled out because of her physique.

Gabi had the perfect response: "Maybe instead of teaching girls that they should cover themselves up, we should be teaching boys that we're not sex objects that they can look at." Amy was told she had to wear the vice principal's tuxedo jacket over her dress in order to enter prom.

She spent a good portion of the night crying in the bathroom after a teacher reportedly told her repeatedly "big girls gotta cover up." Eventually, she was allowed into prom though the vice principal's tux did not cover her breasts, which were allegedly the inappropriate part of her outfit.

Her straps met the 2-inch minimum requirement, and her back wasn't exposed beyond the bottom of her shoulder blades. She finally finished the boring project at 2pm on that Friday. With Andy's prom coming up first, he was beginning to question what would happen. She felt confident she skillfully fucked and sucked her way to her first quarterly bonus, but just to be sure, she didn't want to risk anything by not completing this paper filing project. Tayler Gillespie is one of dozens of girls at Bingham High School who were turned away from their homecoming dance because their dresses were deemed "immodest." According to the Utah school's dress code, dresses should cover the chest and the back of the armpit, stay securely in place, and go no higher than mid-thigh when seated.

Tayler said no one checked to see where her hemline fell before being refused entrance.

In the picture above, 15-year-old Kylee is modeling one of two prom dresses that she purchased, both of which do not pass the newly imposed dress code at Shelton High School.