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31-Dec-2019 12:43

He loves to run beside us as we ride our bikes on the trails and of course he absolutely loves to swim. His duck training has also gone well and I know it probably has more to do with genetics than my training as this is my first duck dog.We had our first hunt last week and he did so good.Again we want I thank you for a great buying experience and also a great dog.

We feel so fortunate to have received one of your puppies.

We take him on frequent trail runs and he never tires ( we are huffing and puffing while he is just casually trotting ???? We are able to hike and trail run with him off leash because he never leaves our sides and he is friendly to all. Thanks again, ______ Hello Stacy and Alex, I just wanted to tell you how happy we have been with our puppy we bought from you last winter. This is partly due to where we had to drive to get him (we kept seeing stuff about little big horn) and that on the way home every time we stopped to let him use the bathroom he just wanted to charge into any frozen bush or grass he could find without hesitation.