Objective c label text not updating

16-Feb-2020 09:05

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Of course I couldn't change text of label that was created in main thread ( I know it's possible using delegates or something like that..), so I created label in the new thread.However the label doesn't show up, but I can see the text property changes when using debugging or Messageboxes.. Or at least the correct way to access main form labels from another thread..Note Unlike other code diagnostic tools, the Main Thread Checker doesn't require recompilation, and can be used with existing binaries.You can run it on a mac OS app without the Xcode debugger, such as on a continuous integration system, by injecting the dynamic library file located at Long-running tasks such as networking are often executed in the background, and provide a completion handler to signal completion.Truncate head, middle, and tail are usually applied for single-line labels, and describe the placement of an inserted ellipsis to represent the truncated text.Access this value at runtime with the Determines whether the label adjusts the appearance of the text before resorting to truncation.

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Select Align Baselines to maintain the baseline as the font size is automatically reduced, or Align Centers to maintain the vertical center line of the text.At app launch, the Main Thread Checker dynamically replaces the implementations of methods that should only be called on the main thread with a version that prepends the check.Methods known to be safe for use on background threads are excluded from this check.Set the mode to Attributed to apply styling attributes selectively within the string.

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In addition to the styling attributes detailed in this table, when the mode is set to Attributed you can use the More menu to reveal additional appearance attributes.

Access these values at runtime with the property to control how the text is split into multiple lines, and the truncation behavior associated with the final line.

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