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Decades before the advent of more realistic racing games such as Sega Rally or Gran Turismo, Atari produced a string of popular arcade racers, beginning with Gran Trak 10 in 1974 and gradually updated via the Sprint series, which appeared regularly through the seventies and eighties.

By 1986, Atari’s Super Sprint allowed three players to compete at once, avoiding obstacles and collecting bonuses as they careened around the tracks.

If the colour is black or red (the boundaries), the car turns away from the boundary.

The car steering is based on the shade of a pixel’s colour read from the guide bitmap.

VAT) at the official Raspberry Pi store; it normally retails for 0 plus local taxes. I’m not suggesting that the two can be reasonably compared in terms of performance, but £1795 minus the cost of a monitor is a difference worth remarking upon. For your money you get: a 4GB version of Raspberry Pi 4, thoughtfully already installed in the new official case; the official keyboard and mouse; the new USB-C power supply; a 16GB micro SD card preloaded with the Raspbian Buster operating system; and a copy of 252-page book.

It’s very well packaged and presented, with little plastic waste.

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Our code will need a lot of extra elements to mimic Atari’s original game, but this short snippet shows how easily you can get a top-down racing game working in Pygame Zero: You can read more features like this one in Wireframe issue 21, available now at Tesco, WHSmith, and all good independent UK newsagents.When Raspberry Pi 4 was launched earlier in 2019, the significant improvements in processor speed, data throughput, and graphics handling lead to an interesting change of direction for this once humble small computer.Although it’s impressive that you can run a full Linux operating system on a device, a lot of people were just using their Raspberry Pi to get Scratch or Python IDLE up and running.I’m no expert when it comes to GPUs, but I was impressed with the dual-monitor support.

The setup worked first time and didn’t seem to have any detrimental effect on the machine’s performance.

There’s no doubting the feel of the speed improvements. For my daily desktop scenario, the jewel in the crown is Chromium: having such a capable web browser is what makes this whole experiment feasible.