New trends online dating

25-Oct-2019 20:25

Websites will also be making a few changes to match online dating trends in 2015.

Sites such as Ok Cupid often involved trawling through long surveys in order to better ‘match’ you with other users. This year, instead, intuitive technology will try to figure out whom you are suited to by examining your actions.

The site has more than 20 million members, all of whom belly up to pay for a monthly membership.

As you can imagine, those revenues grow quite nicely.

Men are advised to smile a lot more and women are advised to showcase a more active lifestyle whether it’s doing yoga, hiking or cleaning carrots.

Men are advised against bathroom selfies and for women the duckface has well and truly had its day.

Online dating trends in 2015 are set to change according to predictions from Internet dating giant Zoosk.

With new trends on the rise and more intricate developments in website applications, you will come ever closer to finding that perfect match.

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