Netbsd updating pkgsrc

25-Sep-2019 09:50

-K pkg_dbdir Override the value of the PKG_DBDIR configuration option with the value pkg_dbdir.-m Override the machine architecture returned by uname with machine.You are advised to verify the competence and identity of those who pro- vide installable package files.For extra protection, use the digital signatures provided where possible (see the pkg_install.conf(5)), or, failing that, use tar(1) to extract the package file, and inspect its contents and scripts to ensure it poses no danger to your system's integrity.You can use pkg_admin set automatic=YES to mark packages this way after installation, and pkg_admin unset automatic to remove the mark.If you pkg_add a package without specifying -A after it had already been automatically installed, the mark is removed.The most recent bulk build report is available here and shows which packages are failing along with their build logs.

netbsd updating pkgsrc-65

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If the patch was applied upstream, you can remove it.

Minix uses pkgsrc as its primary package manager, and pkgsrc is generally distributed in source form via a version control system.

Most people on non-Minix systems use CVS to checkout the latest copy from the Net BSD project.

pkg_add can recur- sively install other packages that the current package depends on or requires from both local disk and via FTP or HTTP.

WARNING Since the pkg_add command may execute scripts or programs contained within a package file, your system may be susceptible to ``Trojan horses'' or other subtle attacks from miscreants who create dangerous package files.

Solution 2: if it looks like it is simply a matter of the line numbers changing due to code being added/removed, you can set PATCH_FUZZ_FACTOR to cause patch to try harder.

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