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635 16 INTRODUCTION TO MOLECULAR THERMODYNAMICS 647 16.1 Molecular Theory of Huids.......647 16.2 Second Virial Coefficients from Potential Functions.654 16.3 Internal Energy of Ideal Gases: Microscopic View. 621 Obras protegidas por direitos de autc X 15 THERMODYNAMIC ANALYSIS OF PROCESSES 635 15.1 Thermodynamic Analysis of Steady-State How Processes.u Mc Gr AW'HVt VT CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SERIES Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics SEVENTH EDITION J. Kelvin temperatures are given the symbol T ; Celsius temperatures, given the symbol t, are defined in relation to Kelvin temperatures: r*C » T K - 273.15 The unit of Celsius temperature is the degree Celsius. 4 However, temperatures on the Celsius scale are 273.15 degrees lower than on the Kelvin scale. Thus an arbitrary choice of fluid is required, and the temperature scale of the SI system, with its kelvio unit, symbol K. Because the definition of the Kelvin scale depends on the properties of gases, its detailed discussion is delayed until Chap. We note, however, that as an absolute scale, it depends on the concept of a lower limit of temperature.We understand why you are blocking ads, but just know it compromises your site experience (features may break or not appear entirely) and prevents us from investing in the Future of Porn.

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188 6 THERMODYNAMIC PROPERTIES OF FLUIDS 199 6.1 Property Relations for Homogeneous Phases... 230 7 APPLICATIONS OF THERMODYNAMICS TO FLOW PROCESSES 254 7.1 Duct Flow of Compressible Fluids.255 7 2 Turbines i Expanders)... 273 8 PRODUCTION OF POWER FROM HEAT 290 8.1 The Steam Power Plant...,.291 83 Internal-Combustion Engines. 310 9 REFRIGERATION AND LIQUEFACTION 317 9.1 The Carnot Refrigerator....... 529 14 TOPICS IN PHASE EQUILIBRIA 545 14.1 The Gamn WPhi Formulation of VLE. 590 I4j 6 Solid/Liquid Equilibrium .597 14.7 Solid/Vapor Equilibrium ($VE).

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