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24-Jul-2020 06:07

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I don’t know if it is a symptom of social media or what, but back in the day you were either homosexual, heterosexual, transgender, or bisexual.

Nowadays people are akoiromantic, lithromantic, and there are even different types of lesbians. Don’t define yourself by what you wear or what you like.

Sure, what you choose to do with them is your choice, but gender bending isn’t proving anything to anyone.

Whether you think a girl should play with Barbie dolls and a boy shouldn’t play with dolls at all, there is no question that there is a difference between the sexes.

Most girls aren’t meant to be out on the battlefield. #5 People should be labeled with a gender at birth! [Read: Modern relationships: Have they changed for the better or worse?

On average, they have more empathy and are the gatherers, not the hunters. I have had people tell me that to call someone either a boy or girl at birth limits their possibilities. ] #6 Women worry more because they have about half as much serotonin.

Anything that strayed from the norm made you weird.

Over the decades, the definitions of gender have begun to blur. Typically born from the belief that gender is just a stereotype, someone who gender bends wants to show the world they can’t be boxed into one gender or another.[Read: 15 typical things not all girls like] #4 Girls aren’t supposed to be in the army unless they want to.

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