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The C-UR Mark is applied to components only used in the Canadian market.Components with this type of Mark have been evaluated to Canadian standards. UL encourages manufacturers distributing UL Recognized Components evaluated for both countries to use this combined Mark, but they may continue using separate UL Recognized Component Marks for the United States and Canada.The component recognition marking is found on a wide range of products, including some switches, power supplies, printed wiring boards, some kinds of industrial control equipment and thousands of other products.Just as with the UL Listing and Classified Marks, there are three variations of UL’s Recognized Component Mark: one for the United States only, one for Canada only and one for both the United States and Canada.A functional safety investigation involves the evaluation of a safety critical circuit(s) in accordance with declared safety ratings relating to software, hardware, environmental stress factors (such as EMC) and safety lifecycle management processes.UL’s certification marks for functional safety are normally restricted to products that are intended to be used in a functional safety application.

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In conjunction with one of UL’s functional safety certification marks, a manufacturer identifies the functional safety standard and the SIL, ASIL, PL or Class to which a product has been evaluated.UL’s Marks for our Classification service appear on representative samples of products that UL has evaluated with respect to specific properties, a limited range of hazards or suitability for use under limited or special conditions.