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13-Sep-2019 13:16

When they met at the parking lot, Crystal said, “I hadn’t seen him in about four or five months at the time, and when he got out of the car I was a little taken aback by how he looked.

She traveled widely by herself and with her sons, and she did not manage Robin’s day-to-day affairs and did not always accompany him when he worked out of town.

On occasion, he’d just reach out and hold my shoulder and look at me like he wanted to say something.” When the friends said goodbye at the end of the night, Robin burst out with unexpected affection. You know I love you.’”On their car ride home, Crystal said he and Janice were barraged by calls from Robin, sounding tentative and expressing his appreciation for the couple.

“He hugged me goodbye, and Janice, and he started crying,” Crystal said.“I said, ‘What’s the matter? “Everything’s fine, I just love you so much, ’bye,” went one call.

He had already enjoyed nearly all of the accomplishments that one could hope for in his field, tasted the richest successes, won most of the major awards.

Every stage of his career had been an adventure into the unknown, an improvisation in its own right, but there was truly no road map for where he was now.

But within a month, nearly half that audience had tuned out, and the numbers eroded further with each passing week.

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