Kenya dating and marriage

03-Aug-2020 21:17

But in the real sense of it, have you ever dated an African woman from other countries in Africa or even beyond?Now, if you have dated women from diverse cultures and a Kenyan woman at one time, you would agree with me that Kenyan women are so wonderful to Christine M (Wilmington NC, USA) Behind the Lesos When I got married a few years ago, I had a traditional Kenyan wedding in the Kikuyu tradition.For me and my husband, the process began long before the actual day of the wedding.Different Colors of make-up on her face coupled with various inventive things she does to her hair makes her nothing short of breathtaking.

See Also: Exceptional Reasons You Should Date Kenyan Men The strength of a Kenyan Woman is seen in how she handles difficult situations with ease.Kenya also has some of the most intelligent women in Africa, e.g.the first African woman to win a Nobel prize was a Kenyan named Wangari Maathai.A Kenyan woman is a critical thinker who can help you figure out easy ways of solving a problem.

She has the instinct to care for children, even those not her own, which is a powerful trait of a woman.

She is well bred with attributes of care and respect for the ones she loves.