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04-May-2020 12:22

The tools were simple and unrefined, comprised primarily of stones or flint with rough edges, which were used to make jagged cuts and chops, rather than intricate slices.

Over time, the shapes would change from irregular rocks to more recognizable arrowhead-shaped blades, though these were still exceedingly dull in comparison to knives we would see later on.

As you might imagine, all bladed tools can be traced back to the same Paleolithic origin, as that ancient period – during which humanity emerged from caves and begin to create their own structures, eventually leading to the development of civilization – marked mankind’s first technological jump forward.With the creation of steel, humanity entered its first real golden age – a time at which civilization began to take huge leaps forward.This is also the time of the Roman Empire and, by proxy, one of the most violent periods of history as the Romans expanded throughout Europe, by any means necessary.Two other knives, both daggers, called the Rondel and Bollock, also emerged – though their form was more needle-like, clearly intended for stabbing and piercing instead of cutting (as would be useful with a utility blade).

Perhaps the most important and recognizable knife to come out of this period, however, is the Roman Pugio.The Pre-Industrial period (which is a large one, granted) is the time at which some of the most recognizable knives ever built were initially made.

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