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"It worked on a couple of levels, it had the superhero element but it also had a domestic drama.

That's what was compelling to people who weren't necessarily sci-fi fans.

So when they ran the ad during the Winter Olympics in 2014, all the cast members were all on a big group text going 'what the hell?

'" "It was always designed to be 13 episodes, and there is a beginning, a middle and an end.

There he was again Saturday, telling viewers about President Trump's official remarks regarding Thanksgiving and Trump's response to a reporter's question about the holiday.

Sharpton being Sharpton, the results were predictably goofy.

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"Then another year goes by, and another, and it just didn't occur to me anymore.Imagine this scenario -- in the wake of yet another mass shooting by yet another lunatic who should have been committed but wasn't thanks to decades-long work by the ACLU, a celebrity known for his or her conservative views -- Jon Voight, for example, or Angie Harmon -- tells a reporter that he or she has decided to buy a gun for protection.The histrionics from the left would be swift and predictably cliched ..."But five years down the line you've got people who have other commitments and contracts, and it's tough to extract everybody.

I would have liked everyone to have come back, the originals.

If you've cast even a casual glance at liberal comic Bill Maher over the years, you're probably aware that the juvenile comparison of American conservatives to Nazis is a predictable element in Maher's shtick.