Is alex oloughlin dating sophia myles

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The two met while he was doing construction work for a mutual friend and have been dating for a year and a half.

How's she handling his burgeoning status as a heartthrob?

For his performance, O’Loughlin won an Australia Film Institute Award for Best Actor.

Proving himself on camera, O’Loughlin was also active in theater, acting in stage productions of Jarrabin, Country Music Saved, The Fruits of Enlightenment, Bodyline in Transit, Faust is Dead, and Face to Face. debut was decidedly more modest, as one half of a kissing couple in the Christmas romantic comedy, The Holiday. But O’Loughlin was still set to make his mark stateside, after winning a pivotal role on The Shield.

O’Loughlin counted as his next project, the Australian low-budget thriller Feed (2005), in which he starred and produced.

Teaming again with Man-Thing’s director Brett Leonard, O’Loughlin was credited with originating the idea for the story, centering on an investigator, played by O’Loughlin, in pursuit of a cyber-criminal suspected of killing women by force-feeding them to death.

Being dropped into a super-charged storyline that promised higher ratings and more critical attention than ever before, O’Loughlin played a former Internal Affairs officer newly assigned to the Strike Team, an elite and often corrupt special unit lead by Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis).

Continuing his upswing, O’Loughlin returned to the big screen with the 2007 teen thriller, ‘Invisible,’ playing a recently paroled thug dating a troubled girl (Margarita Levieva) who attacks a high school kid (Justin Chatwin) and leaves his body to die in the woods, forcing his detached spirit to find help before it’s too late.

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Back on television, O’Loughlin starred in Moonlight (CBS, 2007- ), playing a tortured private detective who happens to be a vampire wrestling with his immortality while trying to reconcile with his love for a mortal woman (Sophia Myles). "I didn't feel that engaged with the world as a kid," he says. I didn't feel like I fit." When he did a comic turn in a school play and heard the audience's laughter, "it was one of the first times in my life I felt a connection with people." His life began to come together at 19, when a friend shocked him with a harsh lecture about how he was wasting his natural ability to entertain people."I realized that every time I'd gone to the movies, I'd walk away with this awful feeling," he says.John, he gets plenty of chances to revel in those daredevil moments.

His character often leaps from rooftops and catwalks in pursuit of both mortal and immortal lawbreakers. lot in Burbank, however, the actor finds himself earthbound, shooting an indoor scene where Mick is pondering the ongoing plot about whether or not the evil ex he killed is still alive.

"And he's funny — he makes me laugh all night long.