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⇧INTP Meaning INTP stands for “introverted” (I), “intuitive” (N), thinking (T), perceiving (P).

Introversion is a preference to focus internally and spend a good portion of your time alone in quiet surroundings.

People with INTP personality type, which is the subject of this article, account for less than 5 percent of the general population with some sources citing even lower numbers.

While it would be impractical to even attempt to find exact numbers, nobody will argue that INTPs are rare. You can take this scientifically validated test to find out.

I thought, based on tests, that I was an INTJ (even if it never felt 100% right).

David Keirsey in his books “Please Understand Me” and “Please Understand Me II” called this type “The Architect”, which is a little confusing because Myers-Briggs used this nickname for INTJ, another personality type whom Keirsey called “The Mastermind”.It can seem that way (low on personal intp dating another intp, but Ive noticed that dating someone with a similar personality has forced me to confront unhealthy aspects of myself intp dating another intp I recognize in their intp dating another intp.Keirsey (and then Bates) in the summer of 83 as per an non-INTP GF who obtained the book as manager in a management seminar sponsored by her employer.I should give her the benefit of the doubt, and I did. In fact, again based on the overwhelming number of sited dedicated to differentiating these two types (versus any two other types), it would not be much of an exaggeration to say they seem to be the two of the most easily confused in the system.

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In response to, The INTP/Js, comments on the spectrum between (in his comment) perceiving and judging I wanted open up the scope of what Jugian typology is.Having a perceiving style means you are a flexible and spontaneous person.