Gretchen rossi dating jay

20-Mar-2020 19:38

Gretchen Rossi was born on 10th October in the year 1978 in Michigan. After attending the Baylor University in Dallas, Texas, she joined the Real Estate business but then she had to leave her business for taking care of her fiancé named Jeff Beitzel.

She had a fiancé whose name is Jeff Beitzel who was an engineer and a businessman by profession. After the death of Jeff Beitzel, it is known that Jeff left .5 million for her.

She wants to start her own music career in future and till now she has also released a single, ‘Revelation’ at the gay nightclub in Costa Mesa.

There are plenty of holes in this new story of hers, but what can we do?She has more than 700K followers on Twitter and Facebook also.