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Her maxim is God first, family second, then business.

Whats Happening Now: In an effort to unify the families of special needs children, Wendy developed a You Tube channel called The Wendy Lyfe.

Her efforts came to the attention of Road2Eternity Entertainment Company.

After several conversations, the company expressed interest in developing a show supporting Wendys purpose when starting the You Tube channel.

She has tremendous passion for inspiring women to believe in their unique beauty, hence her participation in several womens networking groups.

Over the years she has mastered the skills required to inspire her customers and team members to believe every woman is beautiful in her own way.

James' Journey: He attended De Paul University, majoring in biology with a minor in philosophy and religion.

Next, was itinerant ministry to churches and social organizations around Chicago and other cities in the mid-west.It's contains the paths, patterns and principles for creating vision and achieving goals.Precepts hes used successfully in his personal and business life over the past 10 years.Marsha Blackwell was born and raised in the city of Chicago, IL.

Under the influence of Godly parenting, Marsha became a renowned educator, author, & inspirational speaker.

When I entered high school, I broke finally away from my parents religion, continuing to refuse God at every turn.