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Cossette arrives, they fill out the proper papers, Muse A sets her up in his apartment, and then he discovers the truth.

It turns out that Cossette never left China, instead her sister, Muse B took her place.

Where technology doesn't exist, and magic rules over the lands, and Races of myth exist.

Welcome to Beyond The Edge Primordial Fury (combat RP) Over 100 million years ago, the gods begun an age old clash over the dominance of the Earth.

Then Muse A's friend, the dance manager, steps in. A young girl, named Cossette was "imported" from a small village in China.

Muse A and Cossette will have to enter into a fake marriage, in order for Cossette to be able to stay in the country.

To prevent further destruction and carnage, the plan to wipe the slate clean 65 million years ago was devised by all the gods as a ceasefire.

Group Requests Beyond the edge In a world full of war and turmoil, where knights fight fire with fire, and dragons bond with the races to fight for similar ideals, A group must fight through it all, and face challenges unknown to them. They will be forced to question the ethics of others, and of themselves.

No, instead all the global economies collapsed, it was an economic apocalypse brought on by some global super virus, among other reasons, know as The Great Collapse to those who survived it.

Some people banded together and made communities that were safe, and provided for themselves, some were in the big cities, others in smaller urban and suburban areas, and some were entire small farming communities before the Collapse.

In three months he'll have to teach Muse B to dance.

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Meanwhile the couple still has to keep up the appearance of being married, a situation complicated by the fact that two immigration agents are on to their deceit.But another group has arisen outside of the communities, to oppose a self-styled Raider King who has been uniting, or assimilating, the other raider gangs in the area.

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