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view=permalink&id=1780888018610239&_rdr&hc_location=ufi view=permalink&id=1779827495382958&_rdr&hc_location=ufi Training info & videos: https:// Free PDFs of printable versions of the core pages in Core First are available in all grid sizes: https:// (Note: Editable versions are available in Boardmaker Online by typing Core First into the Search All Activities box.) . How to get codes for AAC apps: The process for doing this is a little different for each app.I always start by contacting that developer via Facebook messaging on their FB page for that app.I have been able to get most of the main AAC apps and therefore have lots of options to trial during AAC evals. There is not room to keep all the AAC apps loaded on my i Pad at the same time so I rotate them on/off based on my patient’s needs.Feel pretty tech-geeky spending evenings and weekends doing this but it’s worth it to have access to lots of AAC options that then result in good AAC matches for the kids I serve. Here is an alphabetical list of AAC apps that I have gotten by going through this process and the way(s) I contacted those app developers. Most AAC apps are very large so I always suggest that SLPs get an i Pad with the largest memory you can afford.If you’re willing to work a little, continue reading (I hope you are for the sake of the patient / students you serve).Free access to the Tobii Dynavox Compass AAC app for SLPs: I guess the closer I get to retirement the more I feel compelled to share knowledge accumulated over my 28 year career.The problem is even if there is a free or low cost lite version of a particular AAC app, it is not the same as trialing the full featured app.

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I will be updating this list as I get new AAC apps: The key is being persistent.

If I don’t get a response there, then I look on their website for an e-mail address or to see if they have a formal process for requesting a copy of the app.