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01-Nov-2019 19:22

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It’s a well of information, entertainment and shopping paradises. How can you tell if the seller you’re chatting with online is the real deal or a puppy mill? You also can’t always know if a puppy you see online even exists, or if his parents live in a tiny, filthy cage in the backyard.

And yes, you can learn a lot about dogs and pet care online—and those puppy photos are adorable. When it comes to dogs, buyer beware: Those irresistible images of the puppy—in the perfect house, with the perfect lawn—may have been snatched from another website, or taken at a nearby park rather than at the breeder’s premises. In fact, there are thousands of reports of consumers who lost thousands of dollars and never got their puppy, or received a sick puppy, or a different puppy from the one they “ordered.” Sometimes people do get an adorable, healthy puppy, but by buying him online, they may still have unwittingly supported a cruel breeder who keeps that puppy’s parents languishing in horrid conditions.

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If you’re looking for free sex online, this is the best place to be.That's why California and Maryland, along with hundreds of cities across the U. However, the web is riddled with shady sites employing increasingly sophisticated marketing tactics to sell puppies to anyone with a credit card or a Venmo account.

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