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12-Jul-2020 12:14

You might perceive him as annoying r24, but more people watch his videos every week than do network TV series perceived as hits.His two Worth It shows from 10/1 have over 12.5 million views and yesterday's brunch video is pushing 4 million viewers after 36 hours.Most of the guys in their gay-themed videos are pretty hot, and even the ones who aren't seem to have amazing personalities.It's amazing what sleek editing and casting can do.He also lowers his shoulder with quite a bit of force to push quaffle carriers away from their attacking lanes.

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However, he has an extremely quick release, so once he gets close enough to the hoops, he can flick the ball through almost instantly.He is also constantly twisting and spinning, so it is almost impossible to stop his momentum.Unless he gets beat with a bludger or is going up against a defensive juggernaut (like Brady from the Utah Crimson Fliers or Kody from Texas Quidditch), he is almost guaranteed to score once he gets some momentum going. He comes out to meet opposing quaffle carriers a good ten feet or so before they can get to his hoops, and is very adept at wrapping/blocking the throwing arm.He spearheaded, produced and hosted Buzzfeed's Queer Prom.

When joking about tossed salads during the Trump Tower food episode he asked Chelsea if that meant front or back, when she informed him it was the "back" he replied non-nonchalantly -"well then I've tossed a lot of salads"; and in the lie detector episode he was outed by the machine for wondering how many dicks Keith could fit in his mouth (a question one of his co-stars asked).

The perfect example of that is Eugene Lee Yang (the one dressed like Cho Chang in the picture).