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18-Oct-2020 13:17

Just because they don't say how it's analyzed doesn't make this a scandal. I still remember a few years back having conversations with people about how companies like Google, Apple, and whatever hire people to listen to your recordings when you use services like Ok Google and Siri. But people in the general populous called me a conspiracy theorist.

Well, going back to the origins of skype it was advertised as encryption that not even employees can read or listen to your calls. I don't think we realize the technical literacy divide that exists.

it removes the possibility of temptation and financial pressures to use it.

I don’t think there’s as much pressing financial advantage in a 10 second clip of a couple fighting as you seem to think.

Notice that the article you linked is hosted on

Some guy named Eric Jackson ( - who appears to be a PE investor wrote that article.

FB knowing what apps people use makes a lot of sense because it tells them how they’re doing relative to others. Slate and Forbes wrote an article about this in 2012 when it was noticed Microsoft had filed a patent for this..

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Do you end it with a thank you at the end, or leave it hanging?

Do you type everything into one big paragraph, or break it up into smaller ones?

Do you use shorter language in the chat because it’s not a formal piece of communication like email?

How do you expect someone to justify a statement that's not true? I don't doubt it but they have access to masses of data.

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I suppose you could say that it's a fair characterization of a basic decision tree but that doesn't describe modern ML methods. These contractors are mostly used for quality assurance. All these companies are doing it in order to make voice recognition better. you have to know what people are actually saying vs what the system recognized. Some mega-personal I would imagine and also some that can provide insight into other businesses and markets and so on.

You know what I guess I am corrected - they said "employees couldn't read or listen". ""No, leave it as it is; nobody's that concerned about their privacy being violated by other people listening to recordings captured by Alexa, Siri etc."I think we have to assume at this point that all online communication tools owned by for-profit mega-corps are compromised and that they can and do listen/analyse everything. I honestly don't believe that it's as secure as it used to be: Facebook'a raison d'etre is all about data gathering.