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Water and feed with a potash-rich tomato food during the growing season.

The potash will encourage more flower and also harden the wood.

However, our recent warmer winters, which have encouraged us to embrace the olive, should also encourage us to plant more myrtle outdoors, particularly as it is the hardier of the two Mediterranean trees.

If the winter is wet, you will need to protect it from heavy rain by fleecing it.

Ease off watering from late August onwards, and then dry off almost completely before over-wintering the container.

The shelter of a warm wall under the eaves of the house is a perfect place.

When crushed, myrtle leaves exude a soft eucalyptus aroma reminiscent of the Australian gum. Myrtle does not appear to have a medicinal use like eucalyptus, but the leaves are dried for potpourris and used to flavour pork and game dishes.

Usefully, they keep their rich, emerald green colour when dried.

Bulbous plants share the same love of well-drained, dry conditions and you could accentuate the vivid green leaves by under-planting myrtle with silver-leaved forms of spring-flowering cyclamen, Cyclamen coum Pewter Group or Silver Group. The curly-leaved golden marjoram (Origanum vulgare 'Aureum Crispum'), can be cut into small mounds to create a leafy contrast.

tarentina, is sometimes used for low hedges; there is also a cream-edged form of this.

How to Grow For the best results, plant myrtle outdoors in late spring in a well-drained, sheltered position.

The plant is also thought to have aphrodisiac qualities and it is traditional to use myrtle in bridal bouquets.

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But this may be because it produces vestal-white flowers in July and August, when many brides marry.

It was the sacred herb of Aphrodite; her Roman alter ego, Venus, wore a myrtle wreath and is often depicted rising from the sea with a sprig of myrtle.

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