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I had fun writing him, and the interaction between Harvey and Harry Stein, another slob with his own way of doing things, clicked.I don't think they were using him much, if at all, in the Batman books by then, so we got permission from the Bat-office to have the character on semi-permanent loan for Vigilante and its successor title, Checkmate." Prior to the 1985-1986 DC maxi-series Crisis on Infinite Earths, Bullock is a crooked police detective under instructions from Gotham City's Mayor Hamilton Hill to sabotage Commissioner Gordon's career when he is formally re-introduced in Batman #361, cover dated July 1983, in the story entitled "The Most Successful Species", written by Doug Moench and penciled by Don Newton.Kupperberg recalled, "Harvey Bullock was a character very much in my wheelhouse, a wise-cracking loudmouth with a Brooklyn accent and a problem with authority, although he wasn't originally intended to be a permanent member of the Vigilante cast.He was brought in for a guest-shot, as a character to help Vigilante's handler, Harry Stein, grease the wheels in Gotham City for them on whatever case they were on.Following the conclusion of the Hamilton Hill storyline, Moench decided he enjoyed writing Harvey Bullock enough to keep him on as a supporting character, which necessitated some softening of his original characterization as a corrupt cop.Bullock was one of several Batman supporting cast members swept out of the Batman family of titles when Denny O'Neil became the Batman editor in 1986, but in 1987 writer Paul Kupperberg brought him into the Vigilante cast.Moench admitted that he must have read this comic because he is an Archie Goodwin fan, but denied that Harvey Bullock is the same character.He argued that it is unlikely that he drew on Goodwin's Lt.

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Bullock" appeared in three panels of Detective Comics #441 (1974), written by Archie Goodwin, pencilled by Howard Chaykin, and published almost a decade before.Bullock is on the front lines during the "Knightfall" storyline when Arkham empties and its inmates riot through the streets.Bullock takes control when Riddler takes an entire talk show hostage.Subsequent to this, he is a Bishop in the spy organization Checkmate.

Following the continuity changes brought about in most of DC's comics by Crisis, Bullock is perhaps the most controversial police officer in the Gotham City Police Department.They confront threats ranging from counterfeiters to cult-terrorists.

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