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27-Jun-2020 00:33

If it IS your first time let us know, we are more than happy here at Purrfectly Sissified to pop your phone sex cherry and to take the extra time you need to make sure you get a great call. I am posting this for the regular caller as well as the first time phone sex caller.Most phone sex girls depend on repeat callers for their business to be successful, it is awesome to hear from a guy again, that way we have a connection already and it is a smooth wonderful ride, so just let me know if your call isn’t going in the direction you wish, we all are very skilled and have very creative minds and can turn that call right around for you, and we NEVER take offense.

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Don’t leave our numbers lying around with no name attached. Keep the number handy but list it as customer service number for your favorite fast food restaurant, golfing green, PC repair or something innocent.

We need to hear from you how nasty you wanna get, and in what situation, or fetish you like. This is YOUR call so get what you want from it, and say what you like and dislike. : If you want the BEST Phone Sex call possible, MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

A lot of times if you just say what you DON’T like we can get somewhere with that, this way we know where not to go, and a lot of girls keep notes or remember callers so when you call them back they already know a little about your likes and dislikes. It is really hard to weave a perfect fantasy for a guy who is silent on the other end of the phone. ” IF you can at least make SOME noise for us, that way we know we are going in the right direction to make you explode, just like in live, Real Time Sex, you moan or breathe heavy when your getting it the way you like it, same with phone sex, when you moan or say “yeah baby right there” like you would during sex, then we know you are enjoying the call and can give you even more of what is turning you on.

You should know the name of the girl you called, but even if you don’t remember her name, “Let’s Fuck” is just not cool when you first call, if the girls doesn’t hang up on you right away, you will be setting the wrong tone for your call.

🙁 2.) Be open about what you want to talk about on your call: There are a lot of us girls that have been doing this job for years, your not going to shock us. ” That doesn’t give us a clue, it could be doggie fucking, shit play, age play, snuff, that’s “Just Anything”. Some guys like piss, but not shit, every single one of us is different, we don’t want to “blow you away” with complete disgusting, nastiness, if you just want to get pissed on.When your done with your call say “Goodbye” this really means allot to us, so many times guy’s are in a “Cum Coma” after our call and just hang up, which is your prerogative, but sometimes I wonder if the guy liked what we did when he just hangs up, and sometimes I am still talking until I hear a dial tone again, now that’s not nice…