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MY oracle server runs on solaris 8 while the machine am tring to install DBD-Oracle runs Suse linux 9(SLE 9) Oracle client library including sqlplus are NFS mount on my suse linux machine from my solaris oracle server but when I run make on... I believe it uses CRC9 connectors for the external antenna connections.If you are not root or the permission of the default installation directory (that is usually somewhere in /usr, but that location varies from installation to installation) does not allow writing by your user, installing will fail and you should see error message while "make install", so it is easy to spot.You will need to pass additional parameter to "perl Makefile.Please help Usage: DBI::_install_method(dbi_class, meth_name, file, attribs=Nullsv) at /xx/xxx/xxxxx/xxxxx/oracle/lib/DBI.pm/oracle/lib/line...hi i am trying to connect to an oracle database using dbi and i get this :: Driver has not implemented the disconnect_all method.

However if you ever plan on working in fall arrest and/or will be using your harness on a regular basis we recommend looking at a harness like Guardian's Premium Edge Series harness.Not all harnesses come in XL sizes and unless specified are not rated for more than 300 lbs. So if the total weight of a worker and their tools will exceed 300 lbs.