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09-Mar-2020 19:42

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However, it’s undoubtedly clear companies – including Malibu Media – have filed a higher number of lawsuits in January 2018 than last year.

Those who downloaded copyrighted content for free without permission from the rights holders are breaking the law.

Torrent files are not in and of themselves intrinsically illegally.

However, those used to download copyrighted content for free without the permission of the rights holders are.

However, the sheer volume of lawsuits filed in January 2018 points to a dramatic increase to that number in 2018.

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Will the the recording and movie industries come knocking? Are the evil bottom-feeding trolls watching my torrents?We’re not going to attempt a detailed worldwide sweep today, but before moving onto the situation in the United States let’s first consider two countries in Europe with extremely different approaches to the issue.