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05-Nov-2019 07:34

That’s just the concern that I have though as a security-minded person.

So asking, what are the security implications to think of here?

Well, this is where I’m drawing on some of your experience in conversations we’ve had, because I only ever used Tinder in 2017. There was one that was particularly location-based, right? Whereas others are just trying to make matches of people in your general area.

But then things like Tinder, which was asking for friends lists from Facebook in the past, I mean it was also then providing features that might actually try to push you towards peers that you know of.

And if you’ve got a lot of pictures of you partying on Tinder and you’ve got a very professional job that requires a certain sort of image, that’s where things could break down. They need to present themselves consistently across platforms, because it’s very easy for someone to do their homework.

You’re also touching upon one piece of advice I think might be relevant to people.

But when you’re talking about identity management, this is the thing.These are the things that people need to be mindful of. We’re talking about Tinder here as sort of shorthand for all dating apps, but there’s different kinds out there. So right out of the gate, that one, you probably have an understanding, is looking for location data plus location history.In what way do you think they’re different from each other in terms of how they handle user data, encryption, authentication, permissions, things like that? So it’s going to have to secure location history in its back end, or hopefully it’s securing the location history in the back end.Because reverse image searching can be very easy to do. So if you’re searching for somebody with the first name, in your city of residence, and you’re using the same photo on a dating app you’re using on a Facebook profile, you can pretty easily find the Facebook profile. Image analysis is a part of it, but you’re also talking about identity management. Well, in your case, I guess you went full tin foil hat when using these kind of apps. There’s a Facebook profile that’s tied to that Gmail address. It’s not a lie, but it’s not giving all the truth because you just want to give certain pieces of information.

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And even if it’s not something you can reverse image search, if you use the same photograph on a dating app that you use on your Facebook profile, it doesn’t take me long when I try to test this, to make a match within like five minutes tops. There is a prepaid phone number that’s tied to both of these and that’s also used in Tinder. Real first name, general demographics, the Facebook.But when it comes to security, what should you be aware of?

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