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He later won a scholarship to study Western music at Trinity College of Music, London.

In 1987, he started his career as a composer in the advertising industry, and produced many commercial jingles.

This film won a number of prestigious film prizes including Golden Globe, BAFTA and Academy Awards. Rahman himself became the first winner of the Oscar from India (for Best Original Score and Best Original Song), and his reputation was firmly established across the globe.

His work, however, was not confined to film-making.

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Subsequently, we will have the Free Arafah Iftar in the masjid inshallah on Friday 3rd of October and shall be celebrating ‘Eid al-Adha on Saturday 4th October 2014, inshaa-Allah.

His bold fusion of traditional South Asian, classical Western and popular contemporary American hip-hop and other music has created a number of unforgettable tunes with pleasing melodies and a powerful beat. According to the genre and the contents of each film, he has boldly mixed traditional South Asian, classical Western and contemporary American hip-hop and other popular music, to create beautiful melodies which are driven by a powerful beat.

Rahman has opened up a new arena for film music, and has become a driving-force of this field to gain it a new recognition. Rahman has earned praise both nationally and internationally for his pioneering achievements as a film music composer, both in extending the artistic scope of film music and in enhancing its critical status.

AR Rahman announced the release date of his next production venture 99 Songs, which is a trilingual where he turned a writer as well.

99 Songs is directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy and has newcomers Ehan Bhat, Edilsy Varghese and Tenzin Dalha in the lead roles.Just recently, he shared a video of Armaan Malik crooning a soulful song and fans have been going gaga over it.