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Basic membership is free, though some features are reserved for premium members.You must sign up to learn more about the site's full services and its costs.The parent company also owns other faith-based sites.LDS Match Up, started in 2014, is owned and maintained by LDS members.Indigenous peoples lived in this area for thousands of years, as shown by archeological evidence.A number of identified prehistoric sites have been found in Beaver County, dating to the Archaic and Sevier Fremont periods.The original route crossed the river 3 miles downstream from Beaver at the site that later was developed as Greenville.

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The site includes a forum where users can chat and plan meet-ups.

She says she wouldn't have met him without Mutual because lived in a different city.

LDS Singles is designed for Mormons looking for long-term relationships.

A prehistoric obsidian quarry site has been identified in the nearby Mineral Mountains.

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The historic Southern Paiute inhabited the region well before encounter with the first European explorers.

Mo Mo Match, launched in 2015, allows users to sign up through Facebook or Twitter.