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Click on the series number below to see the detailed table guide for all the individual models within that series.Included on this page is a brief history of Levi's jeans and explanations of some of the less obvious headings on the table guide.He moved to America as an 18 year old boy in 1847 to join the family's dry goods wholesale firm.In 1853 he became an American citizen and the same year Levis Strauss & Co was founded.Wrangler is known for their classic vintage denim jeans along with their classic vintage denim jackets.The look and feel of vintage wrangler pieces seams to surpass time in it’s style and vintage authenticity.

He initially used brown canvas and after exhausting the local canvas supply he sourced a material from France called Serge de Nimes.

As of 2010 the company headquartered in San Francisco, California now has 16,500 employees, 470 company operated stores, and over billion revenue.