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WWII or Post War Fighting Knife made by William Rdgers. It has the gray plastic USN MK2 scabbard with the green wax paper at the throat and the "Care Tag". It is an experimental non-sparking knife made for working with explosives. Vietnam Era C4 Non-Mag Demolition Knife made by Camillus. Cole made between 50 to 75 of the early 9 point knives. Both the knife and sheath are unmarked, which is correct, as he did not mark the war time knives.. The early sheaths had buckles for their grip straps.. The double edge blade is 7 3/4" long and 1 1/2" wide. The scabbard is original and made by the Black Horse Leather Shop. The scabbard has pistol belt hooks added and is marked "E. The original scabbard is marked on the belt loop "21C/N804 / RNZAF". WWII Australian Commando Stiletto, marked "Gregory / Steel / Products" at the ricasso. The scabbard is original to the knife and is unmarked. The knife itself is identical to the Raider knife and if it had not been with this scabbard, you would not know the difference. This exact knife is pictured in Mike Silvey's WWII book page 76.. Brown / 1943" and "D^D" on the front and "^H B" on the back..

Berita ini mencuat ke publik akibat tersebarnya foto-foto yang diduga momen kencan Hui dan Soojin.

The blade is marked "James Ryals & Co Ltd / Sheffield". Buck knives made prior to 1968 were marked just "Buck". The blade is 5 7/8" long and marked "Buck" at the ricasso. There is a date on top of the original box of 1962 and I would think that was when this knife was made. This is the rare (only 500 made) parkerized version made for the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. The black parkerizing is the same that Camillus used on their Mark 2's and M3's. Aprox 180 knives were made in 1967 with 150 of them being sent to Vietnam in August 1968. This exact knife is pictured on page 129 of Mike Silvey's Military Pocket Knife Book.