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You know what it means — when a person says they feel like no matter how hard they try to please the toxic person, they fail to accomplish avoiding them proffering unwelcomed abuses.Whether a person constantly complains or does something more sinister to spoil a memory, ruin a mood, or destroy a moment, each time the holiday rolls back around or a similar intended festive occasion like a memorial event for graduation or a birthday party happens the victim flashes back. And it’s a total waste of time and energy — this striving to please a narcissistic person according to victim’s “Golden Rule” feelings.Has anyone else seen this cocktail of factory circuitry before?"I called shortly after ordering some replacement valves as I wondered if there was anything else I needed to address the noise.

Let the neutral but protective partner observe — including watching you react and trigger.

This is the ultimate trophy for a Dark Triad personality — one that claims to hate holidays or who consistently demands they have their name on a guest list solely so they can arrive, sabotage, then subsequently ridicule the host and party guests while on an offensive attack. When a kind person invites or includes an ill-tempered person known for sabotaging events to a private party or family gathering, they do so from a place of naivete — from a place of kindness.

The host who shares an invitation to a person who they know will be difficult if not impossible to please typically understands they are allowing themselves to be abused. but the reason for doing so (in the case of children raised in toxic families) is not co-dependence or masochism. And it’s a fatal socially motivated conscience flaw that leaves them wide open for abuse and targeting.

One strategy that can be helpful when dealing with a nasty person on holidays is to plan the party on the holiday date but not include the person.

Don’t hide or camouflage that the event is happening — simply make alternate plans to spend time with the toxic person.

Years of combined experience working with with Club Tec and in the hospitality industry.

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